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Keiora Candles

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KEIORA’S Indigenous range is designed in collaboration with Zachary Bennett – Brook aka Saltwater Dreamtime.

KEIORA is a Sydney based Scented Soy Candle making company offering high quality luxury candles with exotic fragrances.The candles are all made in Australia. The triple wicked candles burn for 70 hours approximately. These tins are reusable and can be used as jewellery box.

About: Zachary Bennett – Brook aka Saltwater Dreamtime

Zachary is an award-winning artist, born and raised in Wollongong Australia. He and has always been surrounded by water and was involved with water-based activities. Being of Torres Strait Islander heritage, water has always played a vital role throughout Zac’s life.

The ocean is ingrained in Zachary’s cultural heritage and is often represented throughout many of his artworks and designs.  Zac’s art has commonly been called unique and often an eye-catching blend of contemporary Indigenous culture with surf culture.

His ambition is to create and develop works, which are engaging and aesthetically appealing, whilst allow him to grow artistically and professionally.

Zac has named this design as “travel & connection”. Each of the White circular design is symbolic of family and different community groups. The White lines that connect each of these together represents travel moving, giving the style the name of travelling pattern. The artwork is printed on tins making it a perfect scented candle.